Experience the best nature Lodge in Entebbe


Entebbe forest lodge is an 8 cabin eco friendly lodge in Garuga, Bukaya. The lodge is designed to enhance your experience of the exquisite sight, sound and smell of the wilderness. All the facilities are focused on getting you to explore nature as you go about your day.


Entebbe forest lodge is located on a peninsula on the shore of Lake Victoria in between Entebbe and Kampala. Its approximately 15km from Uganda's main International Airport and 25km from the centre of Kampala.it has got an attractive location due to its proximity to Uganda's main airport and convenient position along Kampala-Entebbe road.

Experience comfort with aunthetincity


We're a boutique lodge ,designed in harmony with the environment aiming to fully immerse in a forest experience. Whether in your room you will still enjoy the magical sounds and scents of the forest.observe the beautiful butterflies,different bird species,and the red tailed monkeys swinging through trees.

Natural Living, Eco friendly


The Lodge is designed, constructed and operated in away that reduces its negative impact on the sensitive surroundings as much as possible. Our designs, materials, ventilation strategy,waste water and electricity were carefully decided in respect to sustainability. Staying at Entebbe Forest Lodge is truly a life changing experience and not only to the guests ,80% of the lodge's employees come from the surrounding communities and most ingredients and supplies are locally sourced. This has contributed to improving the lives of dozens of local families.

Restore Your Soul


Staying at Entebbe Forest Lodge means relaxing in our comfortable cabins,enjoying nature all around and having all the amenities needed to make you feel at home. Our goal is to ensure that you have a local integrative experience of the forest. Entebbe Forest Lodge is the perfect destination from the city and away from the busy world for you and your family.Ample space separates every cabin offering adequate privacy giving you the experience of living completely alone .Your stay at Entebbe Forest Lodge will be nothing short of enriching to the mind,body and soul.